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8 December 2015 - Wolubilis


Develop / Market / Manage

The afternoon sessions of the FeWeb Congress inspire developers, marketers and managers. More than 20 digital and entrepreneurial experts share their knowledge and experience in 3 different tracks.

The war for digital talent is on!

Every economic sector is in the process of digital transformation, and yes also the digital sector itself. This (r)evolution implies a quest for digital talent, from analysts to developers, from strategists to project managers, and so on. It will change also your job and company.

>> Digital Champion Saskia Van Uffelen (CEO of Ericsson) and Dado Van Peteghem (Founding Partner of Duval Union Consulting) share their vision of the future.

The FeWeb Excellence Awards goes to…

The FeWeb member companies deploy all their digital expertise to merge creativity, efficiency and effectiveness within their projects. This is only possible through outstanding experts, innovative environments and profitable businesses. It’s time to put the excellence of our digital companies in the spotlights. For the first time, the FeWeb Excellence Awards reward the most performing sites, start-up and company.

>> Submit your cases on www.lafeweb.be/awards! The winners will be awarded at the FeWeb Congress.



Badges & Networking




The Most Performing Campaign of 2015 Winner of the Digital Marketing Awards
Edwin Kersten & Wesley Koolen OMCollective & Roompot Vakanties How to increase your online marketing strategy to a 35% growth instead of the usual 10%? For 2015, Roompot wanted to reach a 35% turnover increase year on year in a fully grown travel market. Not easy, when you know that OMCollective has already optimised the campaigns for several consecutive years. How did Roompot achieve these targets, what was the strategy behind it and which channels did they use?







The importance of what is not there Miech Rolly Nine o’clock somewhere A short talk about the importance of simplicity and focus in design

Sneak Preview of the Digimeter 2015 Lieven De Marez iMinds Preview of the latest Digimeter report (edition 2015, to be released December 17). Digimeter is an annual barometer capturing trends and profiles with regard to the adoption and use of media & ICT in Flanders.

Team Motivation Alain Vanderbeke Which are the main ways to increase motivation and commitment in the work place?


Bootstrap 4 and how to prepare for it Guust Nieuwenhuis Orange Lark Now that the first alpha release of Bootstrap 4 is out, let us have a look at where the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework will be heading with its next version and how we can prepare for it.

Usage Driven conception for websites Vincent Pelletier Smile Open Source Solutions A quick focus on modern conception approach for websites. Get to know your visitors, define goals and get to understand them better. An overview with practical examples like Corp websites, Event websites, Career Websites and more...

Project Management: Tilting the Triangle Bart Vermijlen Duval Guillaume Tired of projects where all the stress and fuzz occurs at the very end? Learn why this happens, how you can turn this mechanic around, and how to make consecutive projects land smoothly using elements from agile and lean toolkits.


Web Factory solutions in OpenSource Vincent Maucorps Smile Open Source Solutions Why do you need a Web factory in your digital ecosystem? We are going to answer this question and introduce the possible strategies then conclude the session with a checklist of the technical and business key points to take into account and an overview of the best opensource WebFactory solutions.

My First Open Source Marketing Automation Lennart Ruigrok Booming Almost every day there are new businesses in the world which are involved in one or more parts of your entire marketing automation process. We look at all of the great commercial vendors. But what does that mean for things like privacy, ownership of data etc. In this session we will further investigate how far you can come up with a stack of open-source based tools to setup your marketing automation. Not only do we look at things like analytics, Tag- and Data Management Platforms, eMail, RTB etc. What is possible based on what is is out there. And where do you need to be aware of?

HR: Gut feeling or objective evaluation? Camille Meert BlooviMe 3 techniques to manage your recruitment efficiently and effectively.


Coffee & Networking


How to improve the performance of your website Thijs Feryn Combell Over the years the web performance has become a crucial part of the user experience. A slow website is just as bad as a website that is unavailable. How do you keep your response times acceptable when your project is successful and under heavy load?  In this presentations I will give you some end-to-end tips and tricks on how to make your website perform. This covers the full spectrum: infrastructure, backend code and frontend optimizations.

Is performance marketing (@) the final frontier? Kevin Vandenbosch Groupon The future is now and starts today. What can performance marketing bring us in 2016 and beyond?
Is it truly at its final frontier? Or will it seek out new life? Join us and let's boldly go where no one has gone before.

Creating added value with Open Data Yves Vanderbeken Hewlett Packard Enterprise By using Information Management and Big Data techniques, many public datasets are being used by multitude of websites all around the world. This session explores the possibilities for using, viewing and analyzing Open Data sets, including new trends like Open Sensor Data (IoT).


Optimise your cloud application Johan De Gelas Sizing Servers Lab/Howest Well optimized Cloud Applications can save a lot of money while offering your customers a lower response time and hence better experience. Our independent research based upon real world applications shows you how you can practically achieve this.

Digital: From Medium To The Way Media Are Bought Frederic Dooms Xaxis Programmatic buying is changing the way media are bought. And not just digital media. Soon, all media will be bought and measured holistically. This session will give an operational insight in how programmatic buying is done and the advantages it brings along.

Maximizing digital opportunities in Belgium Laurent Hublet Cabinet of the Minister of the Digital Agenda Overview of Digital Belgium, the action plan of the Belgian federal government to stimulate economic growth and job creation thru digital technologies and innovations.


Avoiding the worsening state of Internet with IPv6 Eric Vyncke IPv6 Council The current IPv4 Internet is becoming worse and worse, Internet service providers have no choice but sharing IP addresses among subscribers with a big cost in latency and security. IPv6 is the way to go and Belgium is leading the worldwide deployment of IPv6 with nearly 50%. The session explains why IPv6 has become important for application developers.

Your website on steroids Mathias Vissers Intracto 3 days of the conference “Conversion Hotel” in Texel (NL) summarised in 30 minutes. Some tips & tricks to have a higher conversion rate on your website/shop with the same amount of visitors.

The Spirit of the Valley Harry Demey LDV United & Zembro After several visits in the Valley with captains of industry Peter Hinssen, Steven Van Belleghem and Harry Demey wrote down their experiences. Harry will give you the headlines of their journeys and will talk you through the story of Embracelet /Zembro and G-forever.


Walking Dinner & Networking


Plenary Keynotes

Oups, who took my job? Saskia Van Uffelen CEO of Ericsson Belux & Digital Champion for Belgium By 2020, 65% of today’s jobs will have disappeared. How can we make sure that everyone of us still can find or have the right skills? + Put people first and tech will follow Pieter Baert & Gerrie Smits Organisations try to master digital by looking at technology. While the impact of tech can be found in behaviour: what are your people doing? And why? The motivation of your customer and user journeys help you determine their needs and understand how digital impacts your organisation. Focus on people and technology will serve the right purpose. + Forget disruption, it's time for transformation! Dado Van Peteghem Co-Founder of Duval Union Consulting Digital has fundamentally impacted our lives as well as the way we need to operate our businesses. New products, new services and new service delivery models are coming to maturity faster than ever, accelerating the pace of change and disrupting the economy as we know it. Agility is the name of the game. The time has come to structurally transform our business approaches into the digital age. It’s time for enterprises to adapt… But how?


The FeWeb Excellence Awards 2015 Site Excellence Award
Start-Up Excellence Award
Enterpreneurial Excellence Award


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